The goal is to create a monument to this amazing craft called Macrame inviting people from all around the world to participate together in creating a complex Macrame structure, while learning some skills!

There is lots to be done, the house will start it's construction by the first of January, 2018, using Bamboo and Rope to create a tree-dimensional Macrame House, promoting art around the region.

I will be scheduling some basic and advanced Macrame Courses along the Year and inviting the students to inmers with me on this journey to build a house made out from only Rope, Knots and our own hands!

┬┐How do you explain someone that you are about to do something extreemly crazy?

My dream is to build a house made out from only knots and the strongest rope, there, the word is out! Ask anyone that knows me and the construction of the Macrame house has probably been mention in a lot of conversations.

Can you visualize a house made out of only knots?

Imagine something like a 3 to 5 meter radius Mandala

Imagine a 20 mm boat anchor rope with 3 people puling each side of the cord to make each knot as tide as it can be.

Imagine that like the pyramids, by following a exact geometrical pattern, we will build a house with only knots and rope with the hope that will last for a long long time!

The project starts the 1 of January, 2018

You Will learn how to make 3D Macrame witch can decorate and beautify just about anything.

If we Made it through the hole project, and somehow the dream of building a macrame house becomes real, you will be able to say: "I helped with that thing"

The dream is to get sponsors because the ultimate goal of this project is to build a art space where people teach and learn the love for art. If there where no more art lovers in the world that would sponsor a art project like this, then there will probably be some kind of cost for the courses but you would be well set up with food in your table and a place to stay in one of the nicest beach towns in Mexico.