Rubi pendant

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This Stone at the center is a purplish star rubi that reflects an almoust perfect exagon. Covered with a exagonal knotted mandala.

The Ruby stone is well known as a deep red gemstone and crystal.

It is an excellent stone for recharging your energy levels, and it may stimulate your mind to be more positive and self-assured.

Its striking color is analogous of its energy, which is very effective for encouraging vitality, sensuality and sexual energy.

Where Is It From? Ruby Meaning

The meaning of the Ruby name comes from the Latin word for ‘red’. Deposits of Ruby have been found in Kenya, Burma, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, Madagascar, Mexico and the USA.

This one is from Mexico.

Ruby is a type of corundum, and other members of the family are generally known as Sapphires, and the red stone is commonly found intergrown with a variety of different colors of Sapphire.


The Star Rubi has a vibration that radiates with an intensity that projects energy and enthusiasm for life.

It encourages leadership and increased concentration, with sharpness of intellect.

This beautiful red stone allows you to see your own strength, and your creative potential from a heart based perspective.


One of this stone’s alchemical properties is to impart a sense of bliss, as well as encouraging a desire for life.



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