Mandala Fire Opal Pendant

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The shape of this pendant it’s calleOpal Pendant Mandalad a mandala.The mineral at the center of the pendant is a super shiny Fire Opal from the mines of Magdalena, Jalisco.
The literal meaning in Sanskrit of the word ~mandala~ is “what protects the center”. The mandala is a healing pattern that to achieve it, one must be in a calm state of mind.


Total focus is required to enter a meditative state in Witch every knot is tide with the same strength as the last.
By only altering the angle and direction of each knot, it is posible to create tri-dimensional structures.

This pendant is no bigger than a US Dollar quarter in its radius and It’s size is very conservative but this small and intricate mandala is made with more than 500 knots.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 cm


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