The goal is to take macrame to a extreme change by making each knot as tide as the last one to create a new kind of art.

I present to you


Even if each of the Mandalas I make look similar. Each one of them has a unique design to be a one of a kind piece of art.
This tower was build on a 8 point mandala. For this PIECE or any other 3D macrame piece to be created each knot has to be tided with the same pressure and angle so the piece gets to be %100 percent symmetrical.

The Mandala is one of the oldest symbols in the world, the word itself comes from the old Sanskrit and it means, "what protects the center" The mandalas are one of the humankind’s most ancient forms of art that we still use in the present, even in the construction of our settlements.

When I watched his 9 hour long documentary he explains that to create a perfect mandala, the mind needs to be perfectly calm, and when someone observes at this, or any geometric pattern, we automatically perceive it as something related to positive and grateful toughs.

This piece remain spinning in the Air using Magnetic levitation technology like our earth; the base needs to be connected to the electricity for illumination and also requires electricity to enable the floating process.