"Where everything is delicately made one knot at the time"

"There are no more limits to Macrame Art
when it comes to shapes and sizes.
It is a world of endless possibilities"

This pieces are made from basic square knots but because of their complexity it can take days , weeks or even months to construct a single piece.

Macro Macrame
macrame patterns
Macrame Pendant
home decor psychodelic

By following certain pattern and altering the angle and the strength of each knot, it is possible to craft any structure.

"From tailor made decorations for hotels, boutiques and more, home decor, stage wear designs, jewelry, watches, clothing, you name it. it is a world of endless possibilities and this technique has the potential to empower and beautify any object with symmetrical threads.

the macrame house project

Reach out and ask for a custom design!

Macrame Art

Trough years of practice I have learned how to create any shape or structure by using only knots. Let your imagination flow, ask for whatever project you may have in mind.